Civil Engineering Works

Gestopo Consulting, S.L. offers a comprehensive service throughout the project.

We provide technical assistance on site and technical office for the project.

We intervene in the execution of roads, railways, hydraulic works and electrical lines, providing technical assistance on site by carrying out topographic surveys, execution stakeouts and cubic measurements in addition to developing in our technical office the optimization of gradients or modified projects.

Services we provide

We follow up and monitor the projects execution with tasks such as topographic surveys, stakeouts, cubic measurements and levelling, among others.

We study thoroughly the project prior to its start, we do the modification of gradients, control of land certifications and we offer support to the field team, among other tasks.

Development of work on highways, motorways and roads, seeking optimization of the project design and providing experienced field team.

We have experience in staking out tracks, catenaries or other elements within this area. We know the restrictive geometric tolerances and the instruments required.

We carry out topographic surveys of service networks, design of new gradients and monitoring their execution.

We offer topographic surveys of existing electrical networks or for the study of new ones as well as stakeouts of poles in long distances.