Industrial Surveying

Gestopo Consulting, S.L. has consolidated in the industry by its extensive experience in the sector.

We have a framework agreement with Cepsa, a leading Spanish global energy company, as surveying providers in the San Roque and La Rábida centers. We have all the necessary documentation to access their facilities.

We use the most advanced technology such as laser scanning in order to adapt to the industry sector that is constantly evolving. We execute the job from the point cloud capture and its further processing.

Surveying for industrial sites requires a very precise methodology. Gestopo Consulting S.L has the highest precision instruments and always uses the appropriate surveying methods for each project.

Services we provide

We execute the entire process from obtaining the point cloud data to processing it in order to provide the client the format they need. 

We have carried out large topographic surveys in industrial plants. We provide all the necessary information required by projects in this environment.

We monitor the execution of new industrial facilities or equipment, always providing the required precision.

We certify the final state of the assembly of equipment, the parallelism between crane rails, periodic readings of structures in terms of their position, among other tasks.

Our commitment to work safety is total as in this sector it is possibly one of the most complex that exists.